We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Company’s Alliance with Hyundai Construction Equipment. This important Alliance is essential in the rapidly developing Contracting and Infrastructure Market here in Qatar. We look forward to introducing these in Products and Services to our customer creating new opportunities to work together.

Hyundai Heavy Industries. After so many years of continuous efforts come to reality to tell the story of how great human being come achieve”. This making them a leading Specialist in Manufacturing of Heavy Equipments. Having produced much of these products and services for numerous Major Projects here in the region. A land mark in CHEONHA-DONG Korea organized to produce a wide range of Construction Equipment using highly sophisticated tools and techniques. Hyundai is committed to Quality, Services and Value while maintaining a State of the Art Modern Facility.

Hyundai Construction Equipment. In the short span of time become one of the leading manufacturing organization not only in Asia or United States and Europe but in the future Gulf region.

Creating this Unique Alliance to cater to the rapid growth and re-development of Qatar brings you Quality, Services and value on an International Level. Strategizing to bring Scale of Economy along with Turnkey operations of Sales and Delivery is what QBC Heavy Equipment Co. and Hyundai;are all about.

  QBC brings the vast experience and working knowledge of the Qatar Market along with the Unique and Diversified International Team; combining this with the talent of Hyundai State of the Art Manufacturing and Custom Designs produced by Specialized Professionals brings a Modern Edge of Quality, Service Safety and Value to you.