Mini Excavators

A small machine for big jobs. The Hyundai Mini Excavator is a dense pack of power, perfect for getting in the tight places where the big machines can't go. Operating Hyundai Mini Excavators are done with simple and perfect control.
Product Name Engine Operating Weight Bucket Capacity
R16-7 Mitsubishi L3E 1,630 kg 0.04 m3
R22-7 Mitsubishi L3E 2,200 kg 0.06 m3
R27Z-9 Mitsubishi L3E 2.880 kg 0,04-0,04 m
R35Z-7 Yanmar 3TNV88 3,500 kg 0.11m3
R35Z-7A Yanmar 3TNV88 3,500 kg 0.11 m3
R36N-7 Mitsubishi S3L2 3,620 kg 0.11 m3
R55-7 Yanmar 4TNV 94L 5,700 kg 0.18 m3
R55-7A Yanmar 4TNV98 5,450 kg 0.15 m3
R55W-7 Yanmar 4TNV94L 5,450 kg 0.18 m3
R55W-7A Yanmar 4TNV98 5,450 kg 0.18 m3
R75-7 Mitsubishi S4S 7,430 kg 0.25 m3
R80-7 Yanmar 4TNV98 7,800 kg 0.28 m3
R80-7A Yanmar 4TNV98 7,800 kg 0.28 m3