Sun and Shield Ltd.,co.

Sun & Shield is a Korean manufacturer of excavator attachments and accessories, with a legacy of coming up with innovative products to match customersí requirements. Appropriate solutions can be tailored for any need, depending on a customerís needs and budget, and high quality after sales service is always a given.

SNS product lines include a wide range of fittings, from general purpose and heavy duty buckets to ditch cleaners, rippers and sand buckets. All SNS products are designed to work seamlessly with heavy machinery from a variety of world class manufacturers such as Hyundai, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi and Daewoo among others.


GP Bucket RP Bucket DC Bucket Sk Bucket

Excavator Attachments

Clamshell Bucket Orange Grapple DC Bucket Mechanical Grapple

Loader Attachments

Pallet Fork Quick Coupler Log Grapple HD Bucket