Internal Concrete Vibrators

The IVUR internal concrete vibrators consist of two units, a vibrator and a frequency converter which can easily be disconnected. They are plugged directly into an AC line outlet(230V).

The IV inetrnal concrete vibrators provide high performance with high frequency and are connected to a frequency and voltage converter.

Technical Data

Type Weight Vibrator Diameter Rated output Input amperage
IVUR 14-17 kg 40-58 mm 650-1,050W 4.6 A
IV 31-IV 80 10-32 kg 31-80 mm 550-1,700W 8-26 A
IV 40D-IV 58D 8-11kg 40-58 mm 550-1,050 W 8-16 A
IV 40S-IV 58S 12-17kg 40-58 mm 650-1,050 W 1.8-3.0 A

Technical Data ( Voltage and Frequency Converters)

Type Weight Power Output Nominal Current output
FUE 32-36kg 1.3-2.0 kVA 16-24A
FUD 36-65kg 2.2/4.0 kVA 26/48A
EFU-Twin 21/30kg 1.5/2.7 kVA 24/32A(6/7A)
EFU 34/39kg 4.0/6.0kVA 55/75A