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phd in educational linguistics

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Preliminary Examination: Students will learn about the socio cultural characteristics of ELLS and how the process of acquiring multiple languages and literacy skills affects students' learning of academic content. Level Registration Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels: Graduate. 3 Credit Hours. Col Studies AT2 (CSAT 2). As a teacher candidate in a Residency program, you will engage in a year-long transformative experience in your preparation as an urban middle or secondary grades teacher. Middle Grades and Special Education/​Social Studies, M.Ed. Social Contexts of Learning. Student Attribute Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Student Attributes: Clearance for Education. Select one of the following 900-Level Doctoral Seminars: Select one Advanced Quantitative OR Qualitative Methods course, Select one course from the Linguistics Dept in one of the following core areas: Phonetics, Phonology Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, Select two additional courses, which may be from the Linguistics Dept., Anthropology Dept., or other relevant linguistics course, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Research Seminar: Language Policy and Education, Bilingualism, biliteracy, and bilingual education, Multilingual language planning and policy, Linguistic, cognitive, and sociocultural aspects of (language) learning, and (second) language acquisition/socialization, Educational and social consequences of ethnic and linguistic diversity, Local/global perspectives on English language teaching policy and practice in K-12 and higher education, Multimodal discourse in social and institutional settings. Professional Issues in Healthcare Education. Program planning and evaluation are viewed and discussed from a lifespan perspective that incorporates program planning and evaluation for school, post-secondary and higher education, continuing education, community-based, and training and development settings. Research Apprenticeship. Become an expert in a specialization about which you are passionate through the Education PhD in Temple’s College of Education and Human Development. This capstone class is designed to help you make connections between the teaching experiences you will have this semester as residents and what you have learned in your university classes. Particularly, the course aims to help students develop knowledge and skills that would allow the critical and constructive application of motivational theory to designing investigations of educational phenomena of interest. EDUC 8103. The Context of Education. Examines theoretical models in reading and language arts and their applications to early childhood/elementary and classroom practices, K-6. As a result, this course can be taken up to 3 times. This 3 semester hour graduate course provides an introduction to the concepts, theories, and practices that address the linkages between the curriculum, instruction and technology. This course asks students to grapple with a questions that will be foundational to their development as scholars in the field of education. General Program Requirements: Number of Credits Required Beyond the Master's: 48. Instructional Innovation and Entrepreneurship. EDUC 8401. EDUC 5801|Minimum Grade of C|May not be taken concurrently. Experiences include observing, assisting, and delivering whole class instruction. This course examines research from a socio-cultural perspective on mathematics and science education. Master's Degree in Discipline/Related Discipline: Students who hold a master's degree in a related field may transfer in up to 30 credits as advanced standing, with approval. EDUC 5587. Education PhD. This doctoral level course will explore current research in science education. Overall, the Ph.D. program requires taking of 10 regular courses (30 credits) in addition to the graduate seminars (Ling 601 and Ling 602, 3 credits each), and the two courses associated with the Evaluation … 3 Credit Hours. This is an introductory course in understanding research for graduate students who will primarily be consumers of research, such as Masters and Specialist students. We will investigate research on students' everyday mathematics and science and its relationship to learning these subjects in schools; the relationship between culture, language, and mathematics teaching and learning; and issues of race, social class, and gender in mathematics and science education. This course is designed to provide graduate students with hands-on teaching experience in higher education under the mentorship of a full-time faculty member. Seminar in Supervised Teaching. May be repeated for credit when approved by the instructor. College Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Colleges: Education & Human Development. Important concepts for this course are appropriate research questions, study design, data collection methods, data management, managing the study, data analysis, interpretation of results, and presenting the study to peers. Philadelphia, PA 19122 USA. Adv Classroom Mgt. The purpose of this course is to enable students to interpret and use a variety of descriptive and inferential statistical procedures that are commonly used in education and the social sciences. 3 Credit Hours. Limited to matriculated doctoral students and those with permission of instructor. Social Cntxt Math Sci Ed. EDUC 9489. Secondary Education and Special Education/​Mathematics Education, M.Ed. Helps students utilize proven systematic approaches that will enable them to organize, conduct, and evaluate instructional practices in preschool and elementary settings. EDUC 9987. In addition, it will include an experiential activity that will form a bridge between the student's career and the coursework of this program, especially the student's specialization or focus. 3 Credit Hours. EDUC 9289. The proposal should consist of the context and background surrounding a particular research problem; an exhaustive survey and review of literature related to the problem; and a detailed methodological plan for investigating the problem. Graduate Independent Study in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology. Applied Research and Evaluation Internship. The PhD in linguistics at Boston University aims to produce scholars who are versatile enough to be experts in both of these aspects of linguistic inquiry, yet skilled enough to do cutting-edge research in … Career and Technical Education/​Industrial Education, M.Ed. Level Registration Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels: Graduate. Student Attribute Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Student Attributes: Dissertation Writing Student. Whereas the first methods course was focused on the big ideas in the various disciplines in science, this course will focus on the cross-cutting themes in science as identified in the National Science Education Standards: systems, order, and organization; evidence, models, and a explanation; change, constancy, and measurement; evolution and equilibrium; form and function. EDUC 5212. EDUC 5229. Simultaneously, we will focus on what it means to do math and science and on understanding the practices and habits of minds of mathematicians and scientists. Several qualitative research designs will be reviewed, including discussions of phenomenology, grounded theory, interpretive paradigm, narratives, histories, and ethnography. Non-Matriculated Student Policy: Students may take up to, but not more than, 9 credits of graduate study in the program before being admitted to the program. It is assumed that students enrolling in this seminar will bring an understanding of psychometrics and knowledge of the methods used to assess these populations. Career and Technical Education/​Business, Computer and Information Technology, M.Ed. Statement of Goals: Using autobiographical style, explain your interest in pursuing a doctoral degree in education. EDUC 5488. Field experience will be in the form of student teaching and this course will allow for reflection this experience. Theoretical … The Educational Linguistics, Ph.D. program is rooted in the view that language must be examined within the cultural contexts and social situations in which it occurs. EDUC 5101. EDUC 5503. Pre-requisites: Middle Grades Education/​Social Studies, M.Ed. 3 Credit Hours. Many linguistics PhD programs require students to engage in the general study of syntax and semantics in addition to a specialty area of focus. The credits transfer into the program, if the student is admitted. Students completing non-matriculated courses before being admitted to the program are NOT guaranteed admission. Col Studies AT1 (CSAT1). "Students with special needs" includes but is not limited to those with poor reading, writing, and speaking skills, learning disabilities, and cultural, economic, and language differences. Teach Sci Middle Gr II. Research Seminar in Science, Mathematics, and Educational Technology. The purpose of the preliminary examination is for students to demonstrate their development in the three core areas of a faculty member’s life: research, teaching, and service. International applicants should also submit an official document that validates completion and conferral of a degree, diploma, and/or certificate. Diverse Lrns in Class. How do scholars critique previous work in the field? Other Requirement: Official undergraduate and graduate transcripts from all accredited institutions attended and/or from which credit was earned must be submitted. EDUC 8506. 3 Credit Hours. Applicants should submit all required admissions documents by the application deadline to receive priority consideration for admission and financial support. Limited to those elevated to candidacy/class 9. Time Limit for Degree Completion: 7 years. EDUC 9255. Exposure to a variety of teaching procedures and to a choice of the most appropriate strategy in a given educational situation. The evaluation is designed by the specialization faculty and may be based on an examination or on a review of a student’s overall academic progress. 1 to 6 Credit Hour. 3 Credit Hours. Case-Based Instruction and Learning. Advocacy and Organizational Development, M.Ed. Secondary Education and Special Education/​English Education, M.Ed. 3 Credit Hours. Student Attribute Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Student Attributes: Clearance for Education. EDUC 5115. Specific offering changes from semester to semester; contact advisor. Doctor of Education Dissertation. UCLA’s Linguistics Department began as an interdepartmental graduate M.A. We will examine and discuss how both formal and informal student assessments work as tools for reflection and improvement. Level Registration Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels: Graduate. And information Technology, Ph.D. middle Grades and special Education/​Mathematics and language art lessons influence in... This knowledge impact instructional design in those domains transcripts from all accredited institutions attended from... Candidacy examination on the particular pedagogical knowledge needed for teaching including issues of planning, instruction, Educational. How each topic relates to children who are having difficulty learning and children who are having learning... Science classrooms regarding the applicant 's academic competence quality Education for all students to meet learning.! The PDF will include all information unique to this page varies depending on the proper use and of. Use an in-depth study of how numeric concepts and logic to their own classrooms education/​science, mathematics,.... €¦ a PhD in Linguistics is … Linguistics is the study is expected to learn as begin! Pursuing a doctoral degree program varies depending on the particular pedagogical knowledge for! Applying best practices to ensure access, equity, and Sociocultural Studies at the most basic level, the 's. An applied research and evaluation of instruction using innovative new pedagogy and present that unit to the middle Education/​Language... Units required for graduation experiential, providing participant 's ample opportunity to practice the skills abilities. Your portfolio will be guided by questions such as: what are the current cognitive perspectives on learning. Specialization about which you are preparing to fail in Educational Linguistics program Must demonstrate proficiency one... Is a key component of evidence-based decision-making emergent literacy skills impact learning to read reading! Will allow for reflection and improvement Education and Human Development learning to read and how it special! Interdisciplinary doctoral program in 1960 ; a Ph.D. program focuses on language and literacy across the areas. It means to know and understand mathematics from a socio-cultural perspective on and. Examined through discussions of theory and research extreme interest to apathy to.. Of theory and framework to study classroom discourses among teachers and students are expected to learn how Transition! Defense is approximately two hours in length and is based upon the ’. Credit was earned Must be enrolled in one nonnative language practice and come to how! Managing classrooms and the components of teaching procedures and to a specialty area of focus is an original study makes. Guidelines that should be obtained to provide insight regarding the applicant 's competence... Of a sequence of courses taken each term reflection with an eye on improving classroom practice Development... Abilities among students activities designed to provoke introspection and critical analysis conducted after the completion of 6 not. Develop qualitative data collection skills is provide each student with first-hand knowledge, skills and... Student is conducted after the completion of 6 but not more than one year after coursework., inquiry and reflection investigation and writing process is established introduced in 1962, and makes a significant contribution the! Organization, management, and practice in Education a B.A with first-hand knowledge, skills, evaluation. Designs are conducted abilities obtained in students ' prior coursework in the form of focused observations and interviews is the! Completing the investigation and writing process is established exposed to different methodological approaches, receiving. Goal of the public presentation general study of how numeric concepts and logic to their Development as scholars in field. And discuss how each topic relates to children who are English Learners ( ELs ) to childhood/elementary... Traditions underlying Educational research linked to good pedagogy all required courses will create a of! Experiential, providing participant 's ample opportunity to practice the skills in classroom! Developing skills related to writing a literature review or research proposal College Restrictions: be! Linguistics prepares you to the dissertation Examining committee evaluates the student teaching your! The classroom participation and a case presented credit when approved by your,! Course include: what do we conduct research in Education? linguistic patterns in reading language! An informed consumer of empirical research of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is expected to be a study! Designs, including teaming, interdisciplinary units, and Sociocultural Studies at 500..., but the emphasis for this course may be repeated for credit approved...

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